A7Catalyst is your one stop London hub for chemical fertilisers and a wide range of chemical compounds that are base/raw materials in various industries. We source all products direct from leading chemical plants around the world in order to supply micro/macro end-users, wholesale businesses and factories. Producers have been carefully handpicked in such manner that highest quality is met, innovation is key and environmental awareness is paramount.

      Products are remotely delivered on a door to door basis from chemical plants to end users, irrespective of their size and size of their order in the most cost effective scheme.

      Our supply partners are strategically located worldwide to enable swift and time effective deliveries to any destination.

  • our chemical fertilisers pool is in excess of 3 million tonnes annually
  • more than 50 chemical formulations available
  • over 400 chemical compounds available for various industries
  • order tracking available
  • innovative engineered products
  • global supply network
  • full delivery chain
  • customer service excellence
  • technical and product support
  • trading internationally